90 Minute Session/Balance (always required for your first session) - $120

60 Minute Session/Balance (some follow-up sessions may only need 60 minutes depending on clients needs) - $80

45 Minute Children's Balance (infant to primary school) - $60

45 Minute Chakra/Sound Balance - $60

60 Minute Group meditation/relaxation session - $20 per person (minimum booking 8)

Group meditation/relaxation sessions can be organised on an individual basis


8 week - Includes 4 x 90 Minute sessions spaced over 8 weeks - $432 (purchased as a package - saving $36)

12 week - includes 6 x 90 Minute sessions spaced over 12 weeks - $648 (purchased as as package - saving $54)

16 week Life Changer - includes 8 x 90 Minute sessions spaced over 16 weeks - $864 (purchased as a package - saving $72)

These packages are for people who are serious about making the commitment to themselves to change their lives. By committing to regular sessions and working together face to face every fortnight, we can look deep into blockages, behavioural patterns and stresses in the body that may have been preventing you from moving forward and reaching your goals. Each fortnight we go a little deeper as we start to peel and process the layers that have built up over time in order to connect once again with your true self. As the energy in your body starts to flow and blockages start to clear, you will be amazed at the changes that start to happen within you and around you.

As part of these packages there will be homework given that is done between sessions in order for you to obtain the best possible results. This can take up to as little as 15 minutes a day to complete.