Holistic Kinesiology / Mind Body Medicine

This 90 minute session gives us time to connect and obtain a complete history and background and perform a Holistic Kinesiology balance.

You can not look at one area of your life or an individual symptom and get to the root cause of the problem or issue. There is much more to you than that. This is the holistic approach of Mind Body Medicine.

Tapping into where you are holding the most stress or imbalance in your body, activating the body through energy centers and meridians, accupoints and muscles, and starting to release this stress and bring the body back into a state of equilibrium.

Allowing you to start to reconnect with that part of you that often gets neglected.

90 Minute Sessions – $135

60 Minute Follow-up Sessions – $90

Chakra Healing / Sound Balance

Activating your energy lines (Meridians), aligning your energy centres (Chakra’s) and clearing blockages from these areas can make a huge difference to how you are feeling.

This is sometimes incorporated into a Holistic Kinesiology balance, however if you would like to experience a full Chakra Healing/Sound Balance you can book a 60 Minute session with Kim. When your Chakra’s are out of balance or blocked they can effect your health on a physical, hormonal, emotional & energetic level.

This is a beautiful, deep relaxing experience, focussing on your breathing and allowing energy to start move freely through your body.

60 Minute Session – $90

This can be included in a 90 Minute Holistic Kinesiology Session

Lomi Lomi / Kahuna Massage

More than just a massage. This ancient Hawaiian tradition provides unconditional love to the receiver on such a deep level – providing positive healing energy.

Beautiful yet powerful. With so many positive physical outcomes, there are also the benefits of releasing emotional blockages from the body with these sometimes being felt during and after a session. Freeing the mind and creating a sense of calm and stillness within. Cleansing and shifting on every level – physically, emotionally, energetically and mentally.

This 90 minute massage is also fantastic for releasing sore muscles, aches & pains, lactic acid build up, relieving muscle spasms and increasing nutrient flow to muscles as well as general well-being.

90 Minute Massage – $140

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