About Me - Kim Cameron

Holistic Kinesiologist

Mind Body Medicine Therapist

Lomi Lomi/Kahuna Massage Therapist

Women’s Retreat Facilitator


Hello beautiful people

If I have not had the pleasure of meeting you yet I am Kim Cameron, owner & creator of E K Holistic Healing.

I am a very proud mum of 3 beautiful children and blessed to have a loving supportive husband. My life has been filled with amazing moments & memories along with great loss and grief, trauma, divorce, depression and anxiety. However I know that I had to experience all of this to become the person I am today.

My fascination with Kinesiology & Mind Body Medicine began at a time of great searching to help one of my children who was suffering physically and emotionally from debilitating symptoms of anxiety, which expressed themselves in the form of headaches, digestive problems, dizziness and fainting. After Western Medicine could not give me the answers I was searching for, I followed my instincts and sought out guidance and assistance through this form of Holistic healing. With a deep sense of knowing and passion to learn more and be able to help others, I went on to study Holistic Kinesiology & Mind Body Medicine at the College of Complimentary Medicine in Sydney.

I am committed to learning as much as possible about the connection between the mind and the body and sharing my knowledge with others to assist them to be able to heal and move forward to a place in their lives where they feel balanced, calm and at peace with where they are.

Holistic Kinesiology also helped me to get through the most challenging and traumatic time of my life when I lost my 10 year old daughter suddenly and unexpectedly. There are often times in our lives where we feel we will never see light at the end of the tunnel and this was certainly one of those times for me.  Working through my grief and finding acceptance for the things I had no control over and could not change, brought me to the place I am today.

Each day I feel blessed and eternally grateful for the lessons and gifts I have been given and the opportunity and ability I now have to share these with you all.

I work with adults & children who are experiencing physical, mental, psychological and spiritual imbalance. This can present itself in many different ways from physical ailments and stress in the body, emotional imbalance, feelings of anxiety, depression and disconnection from self or just not knowing what direction you are heading in life – feeling lost.

My deep passion is assisting and guiding women who are feeling the pressure and constant demands of life, resulting in physical and mental fatigue, feelings of being overwhelmed and out of balance, stuck and unsure of what their purpose is in this life.

This is my passion because I know what this feels like to be in this space. I also know what it feels like to come through the other side of this. Each day I have such a love for life and deep connection with what I do. It brings me so much joy and purpose. I would love to be able to guide you in the direction that you are searching for in order to connect with that deeper sense of self.

I believe that finding connection to your true self is a gift that can be achieved by everyone, and by allowing ourselves the time to feel, we start to connect with the power and wisdom we all have inside of us to heal.

The healing power of touch has so many benefits beyond what can be explained in words.

Through my own healing of opening myself up to receive Hawaiin Lomi Lomi & Kahuna Massage, I have continued my journey to learn this incredible form of healing, which I also offer in my clinic. I find the balance between these modalities is a beautiful combination.

My passion for providing a safe space for people to connect has also led me to developing various workshops, meditation courses and co-found Re-connection Retreat for Women.

Each day I am given to connect with another person in this world is a gift.

Kim x

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More Info

Address: 3 Silky Oak Drive, Aberglasslyn  NSW  2320

Phone: 0402108746

Business Hours:

Tuesday to Friday – 9am – 7pm

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