Following your heart and being true to yourself is not always easy. Not everyone will understand. That little voice of self doubt will try over & over again to creep in & sabotage you, sometimes on a daily basis. This I know is true!

However when you raise your own vibrational energy and are fully aligned with your truth & can take a step back from the opinions of those around you, nothing else matters.

When you start to take responsibility for yourself & allow others to do the same the energy around you shifts. There is no longer a need to blame others, as you are no longer a victim.

People around you may start to change & you might start to wonder why? You haven’t done anything to make them change – however YOUR own energy has changed. The energy that you were putting out into the universe now has a different vibration – a higher vibration & what you are receiving back is a higher vibrational energy from those around you.

You will find that once your energy is higher people around you may want to be on that same frequency level and they may start to take a look at how they want their own lives to feel.

Have you ever wondered why you are attracting the things into your life that you don’t necessarily want? Or just wished the people around you would change in some way? It is important that we always bring it back to ourselves. We can not change anyone else nor do we have a right to expect others to change, but we can change ourself & when we focus our energy on this things around us start to change.

However not everyone will change & for those who decide to stay at a lower frequency these may be the people who you may find it difficult to spend as much time with as before or there may even be people that you realise you no longer need in your life or it is not in your best interest to give them as much space in your life anymore.  This can be confronting, however staying true to yourself can sometimes mean eliminating external factors that may actually be sabotaging your own happiness and holding you back.

Maintaining this high vibrational level is something you need to be conscious of to enable you to be able to navigate through life more purposefully, authentically, and safely. Be very mindful of your thoughts and what you are focusing on.

As your vibrational energy increases, new opportunities may arise. You may start to see the external world very differently than before. It is important to give yourself time and space to sit with what is happening for you. Take time out to connect & journal about what you are feeling and experiencing.

Life may start to feel as if it is slowing down from the inside, as any inner turmoil settles and a feeling of balance & deep contentment arises within you.

The choices you now make on a day to day basis are in alignment with your truth, not because it’s what you think you should do but because you have a knowing & FEEL what is right for you. You connect to yourself, your intuition & you follow it through to create the best possible life that fits perfectly for you.

Sometimes it is the simple things in life that make the biggest changes.

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