Oh My Here they come..... Emotions! Just when you least expect it!

So powerful in vibration, they alter our state of being and even our physical appearance at times, our state of mind, our energy - both physically and spiritually. So why is it we don't always allow our feelings the space they need to be able to come to the surface, to process. Why is it we do not want to feel?

Are we scared of what others may think? Frightened the people around us will see us for who we really are and how we really feel? Or do we just feel totally lost and bewildered at what to do with these emotions when they arise, so we stuff them back down into our bodies, hoping they will just go away. 

Well guess what? I am sorry to tell you this - they don't go away. No matter how long you choose to store them for, one day they will come out and it may not be in the way you expect. 

Today I had an experience that stopped me in my tracks. 

I went to the supermarket (one of my least favourite places on earth), but there are certain things you can't get from the farmers markets. My vibration was high, my mind felt elated, I sang to the "pop song" playing throughout the supermarket (no idea what it was now), with not a care in the world about who heard or saw me. I felt grateful for my life and happy to be given the chance to live it.

I took my groceries back to the car and remembered that I wanted to get a card for someone. As I searched and read all the cards, a wave of emotions rushed through my body. I was looking for a card to let someone know I was thinking of them in their time of loss, grief and despair. Someone I had never met. Yet someone who I knew was experiencing the devasting agony of loosing a child unexpectedly, just like me. My heart was aching and my body was sensing the feeling of wanted to escape this situation. I didn't want to be doing this. My cellular memories where being triggered in every direction and it hurt - really hurt. I just honestly wanted to run. The thought that another beautiful family and mum had to try to find acceptance that their life had to be lived out without their daughter dug deep like a knife into my heart.

Yet here I was on the other side. Trying to find something that may just provide a glimpse of hope, and I thought about all the people who had done this for me just 3 years ago when I lost my daughter and how hard it must have been. Trying to find the right words, the right card, not knowing what to do or what to say. Knowing that they couldn't take the pain away of loosing a child and I was overwhelmed. 

I didn't want a sympathy card - it just didn't feel right and it took me what seemed like forever to find what I was searching for. I left the shop feeling very emotional. Knowing that I had been triggered and that I had two choices. I could get in my car, shut the emotions down & continue on with my day or I could give myself the space i needed to "feel", really feel, and allow these emotions to come to the surface, not resist, let them out and give them the time and space they needed to release. So that is what I did.....

I allowed myself to feel, to acknowledge how I was feeling and get it out of my body & at the time it was hard & it hurt, but afterwards guess what - I was OK! I had allowed my feelings and emotions to be just what they were. Yes maybe I did keep them in for a few minutes in order not to break down in the middle of the newsagents, but as soon as I was in a safe place I gave myself permission to feel and I came out the other side with a sense of relief & lightness. Being able to breathe and not feeling like something was stuck inside of me.  

It made me realise once again just how our emotions and feelings can change so quickly, sometimes within a matter of minutes and how important it is to acknowledge them whatever they are and however quicky they change.

Emotions are powerful. They are there for a reason. Our bodies are tyring to tell us something that we need to respond to. If we choose to ignore these feelings we create blockages and in the long term we can also create illness. 

When emotions arise within you tune into what is happening in your body. Connect to where you are feeling them and give them time to process and release.

Life can flow so much easier when we connect to our feelings and let them be whatever it is they need to be. 

With Love

Kim x