You would be very suprised how much of your life can be impacted when your Chakras are out of balance, particularly your Heart Chakra (Anahata Chakra).

So how would you know if you Heart Chakra is out of balance? 

Well the heart Chakra is all about how we give and receive love & within the 7 Chakra system it sits in the middle. It is the pivot point of the Chakra system and when it is out of balance all ohter chakras may be effected.

Physically it has a great influence on the heart itself, the thymus and the lungs. When it is out of balance everything can become effected. When love for ourselves, others and life in general becomes shut down everything around us starts to look dull. You may feel yourself becoming heartless, self-attacking and judgemental.

Sometimes an unbalanced Heart Chakra can express itself as self-sacrifice or martydom and when this happens you may feel yourself doing anything to receive praise from others or to be seen in a positive light. However, the energy that drives this is not unconditional love. It is more to do with a lack of self-love, meaning that you may be seeking love in the form of others telling you how wonderful you are. This kind of expression can be dangerous as it only leads to depletion and eventually collapse. 

The key to a balanced heart Chakra is to understand that in order to be loved you must first love and accept yourself. 

Clearing blockages from the Heart Chakra and re-aligning all your Chakras is something that is checked at the beginning of each balance. If more intense work is needed to be done on individual Chakras this can then be looked at on a deeper level. 

If you feel that your Heart Chakra is in need of being balanced & you would like to clear any blockages & have your Chakra system re-aligned please contact me on 0402108746.