You may be asking yourself this question? With the increase in mind body awareness and people being drawn more towards alternative medicine there has also been an increase in the number of "Retreats" that are being offered these days.

So how do you know what to look for in a Retreat? 

For me, a strong believer in the benefits of Retreats (having attended 5 Retreats in the past 3 years), and a Retreat facilitator the first thing is to trust your instincts and feel if you are being drawn to a particular Retreat. Does it feel right? You don't even need to know why? Get out of your head and trust your gut instinct.

If you are looking at changing your life, it's probably best not to focus too much on the luxuries that are offered - like massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, cocktails by the pool etc. While all this is lovely, this is what you go on holidays for. These are distractions and sometimes stimulants that you may use to try & make yourself feel (or not feel) better for short periods of time and do not address what is really going on for you deep within. If you think back to how you feel while your on holidays & how you feel when you get back home, this is not the scenario you want to recreate after attending a Retreat, because within a few months time you will be searching again. You need to find a good balance of healing, deep inner work, space, nurturing & guidance from experienced facilitators, with the opportunity to be still & relax and maybe a little touch of pampering (if that's your thing), but don't make this the focus. Think about how long you feel great after you go to the beauticians or the hairdressers - you want your Retreat experience to have a lasting impact on your life. It's not likely to be something you are going to do again in 4 weeks time. 

Look at what is being offered and what the facilitators specalise in. If it is a Retreat run by Yoga teachers obviously the focus will be on Yoga, if the Retreat is being offered by Nutritionists or Dieticians the focus may be around food, nutrition or cleansing, if the Retreat is being offered by Mind Body practitioners then the focus will probably be more around what it is that is being stored in your body & how to release this in order to move forward. Feel what is right for you & what it is you need at this time. 

Some of  the most important reasons to attend a Retreat for me have been:

  • To acknowledge & accept my own pain, release what is being held in my body - physically & emotionally and move forward.

  • To process & release deep trauma, grief and anger. 

  • To take time out for me. Putting myself first and making myself a priority in my life. As I know that when my energy changes it impacts everyone & everything around me. The old saying "If you want things to change you have to change" is so true. 

  • To allow myself the time & space to feel the things pushed down into my body, that I did not always want to feel.

  • To face my fears. I know that change occurs on the other side of fear, so I try to push myself through this in order to come out the other side, a more resiliant, balanced person. 

  • To release blockages & limiting beliefs that may be holding me back from reaching my full potential.

  • To allow myself to feel vulnerable and to feel & acknowledge the power within that.

  • To let go of all that no longer serves me. 

  • To create achieveable goals & create a life I enjoy living, with passion & purpose.

The right Retreat will change your life forever. It will take you to places you have never been. It will make you laugh and make you cry. You will make amazing new friends and feel emotions you never thought possible. It will shift so much energy within you, that your life will never be the same. It will open your eyes to the possibilities and opportunities that are before you and you will walk away so much lighter, with you eyes, your heart & your soul wide open ready to receive what the world has to offer.

All this is the reason that Reconnection Retreats for Women was created. My passion to give back to as many women as I can what I have been blessed enough to receive through my own journey has been the passion and motivation behind Reconnection Retreats.

Twice a year in March & Septemebr Tracey Gillis-Sinclair and myself take 10 Women on an amazing journey within over 4 days to find themselves and come out the other side to create a life of purpose and passion.

I can not put into words what this expereince is like, and the only way to describe it is to experience it yourself. Sometimes feelings can only be felt. 

If you would like any further information on Reconnection Retreat located in the Hunter Valley, NSW please conact me: kim@ekkinesiology.com.au or visit ww.reconnectionretreat.com.au