Is it possible to achieve Life Balance in this Fast Paced World??? NEW Program coming...

It seems to be a life long dream for so many to achieve “Life Balance”. To some this seems so far away from their current lifestyles that it gets put in the “too hard” basket, as continuing on the exhausting treadmill of life seems to be easier in the present moment. And in the short term it just might be – especially in our minds? But what happens if we keep travelling at this pace. If we keep sticking our head in the sand. Telling ourselves that in another 5 years time, we will make those changes. That if we can just get through the next 10 years we’ll be home & hosed. Really! – is this the reality of it, or is this just another way to tell ourselves that we are not willing to step out of our comfort zone in order to change.

Change is a scary word for some, and may seem too huge of an idea to even grasp. Yet one thing we need to remember is that starting with even the smallest change in one area of our lives can make a huge difference in so many other areas. It does not need to be daunting & overwhelming and sometimes this is what turns people off even trying, as the bigger picture can seem way too hard.

There is nothing in our lives that is worth diminishing our health over. Nothing that is worth putting ourselves through extreme stress, anxiety, exhaustion and personal internal chaos, yet we continue to allow this to happen. We continue to push ourselves harder, faster, creating lists that must get done, ticking boxes, putting high expectations on ourselves and those around us to do better and be stronger. WHY? Why is it that we seem to have so much to prove to ourselves and those around us? Why is it that we always seem to be trying to make others happy, to live up to other people’s expectations, to people please.

Because it makes us feel good about ourselves……

What if it was possible to feel good about yourself without having to feel like you needed to do all this?

Ask yourself – what that would be like?

I heard someone ask someone once “Do you have the disease to please”? I thought at the time, wow that is so true, the disease to please that controls so many. Possibly more damaging to our lives than other physical diseases we worry about.

How much more energy and time do you think you would have to put into the things that you really want to do and accomplish in your life, if you weren't trying to please others and were able to make decisions and act on them based on your own values?

Of course we all have responsibilities and things that need to be done, but life does not need to always be as chaotic as it seems. There is always something you can change and there is always something you can do. Of course this isn’t always easy, but unless something shakes us up a little, we tend to stay in our comfort zone and not look outside of the box. We can easily fail to recognise even the most practical options that are available to us to bring calm and balance back into our lives.

We each have a choice about how we invest (or waste) the time that is given to us. When we start to value that time and take responsibility for what it is we want and need to do and align it with our values – then we start to see our lives changing to be more in alignment with our core self.

Life Balance means so many different things to everyone. It may mean spending more time with your family or friends, having more time to dedicate to self-improvement or having more time to spend in nature and getting healthy. Whatever it is for you, is important and it should not be put on the back burner waiting for the day when “spare time” comes knocking on your door, because as we all know this will probably never happen. One of the key beliefs that we have created is that we think we have an endless amount of time – we don’t! None of us know how long we have, yet we continue in our cycles, wondering when our lives are going to change, yet not always doing a lot to create that change.

However one thing I do know is that if I get the chance in this life I am not going to be that person lying on my death bed saying – “I Wish” or “If Only”.

Sometimes the universe will deliver messages to us in the most challenging form to make us change our lives, to see what is really important, the truth, to try and literally change our paths, yet for some of us we are not listening, and we see this as an injustice and can fall into the trap of becoming a victim. Sometimes these messages are not so direct, not so challenging, not painful enough for us to make a change. If you are going through something in your life right now – no matter how big or small, try to understand that it is happening for a reason. Maybe a reason that you do not understand right at this moment, but try to trust that one day you will.

I have been dealt some pretty harsh and heatbreaking lessons in my life, some I still try to make sense of, but I know in my heart that each of these challenges changed the direction of my life, made me draw on strength I never knew existed, challenged me to not be a victim and rise above my own darkest days (which I still have at times).

It is often from our hardest times in life and our failures that we learn lasting lessons that completely transform our perspective towards life and life balance. During these times it is important that we know what our values are so we can draw on these to help get us back on track, make clear decisions that prioritise what is important to us in order to move forward and create balance.

Establishing our own values in life is essential. Once you establish these, you can start to use them to make decisions about where it is you want to be in life.

That is why I have developed a 3 week program called “Valued Vision” to help you to work towards this. This group program will commence in December 2017 and run once a week for 3 weeks, finishing before Christmas, ready for the New Year. Day and evening programs will be available. I will also be offering an extension of this program in January for those who wish to extend their journey. This program is being offered at 50% off until the end of November 2017 for only $99 (for the 3 weeks - fully inclusive), and will consist of a 60 minute face to face group workshops in my clinic in Aberglasslyn. Each workshop will be limited to 6 people. All resources, guidance and follow-up will be provided.

Now is the time to register your interest for the Valued Vision Program, by indicating what days/evenings and times would suit you best, so appropriate times can be allocated for each group. You may even like to get a group of friends together and have your own private group.

This will be an interactive group program. However the work you do will be your own, kept private and confidential and it will be your choice at all times what you choose to share with the group throughout the three weeks. Valued Vision is a judgement free program open to everyone who has an interest in spending time working on themselves, their values and their balance in life.

I am very excited to be able to guide you through this new program and look forward to working with you all as a group and individually, providing you with whatever support and guidance you are searching for.

Please contact me to register your interest on 0402108746 or email