Spring has arrived and there is a sense of renewal and new life all around. It is a time for regeneration and new beginnings.

Winter is always a time to reduce activity and conserve energy for the coming seasons and as the sun starts to warm the earth it also starts to warm our soul and renew our spirit.

When we look at the five elements, each stage occurs in five distinct stages. Each of these stages is associated with a specific time of year, different organs in the body, elements in nature and bodily processes.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Spring is represented by the wood element and includes the liver and gallbladder organs. These 2 organs are the primary largest for springtime cleansing and health regimes.

The Liver is responsible for the smooth flow of Qi energy through the body.

When the Liver functions smoothly, emotional and physical activity throughout the body run smoothly too. So for optimal health this Spring it is time to move your Qi.

The colour for the Wood Element & Spring is Green and the strongest emotions are anger and frustration, so if you are experiencing these emotions stronger than normal this could be the reason why.

Here are some things you can focus on to improve your own health, well-being and the smooth flow of Qi throughout your own body this Spring.

  • THE EYES – the liver opens into the eyes and is connected to proper eye function. Remind yourself to do some eye exercises & take regular breaks from the computer screen.
  • EAT GREEN – Green is the colour of Spring, so it is time to focus on eating fresh, leafy greens & sprouts. This can help to improve the overall function & health of the Liver & promote the movement of Qi.
  • TASTE SOUR – The taste sensation that is associated with Spring is “Sour”. This stimulates the Liver Qi. Try putting slices of lemon in your water or drinking freshly squeezed lemon into warm water each morning. Use vinegar & olive oil as salad dressings & add some pickles.
  • STRETCH – The liver controls the tendons. According to Chinese medicine the Liver stores blood during periods of rest & then releases it to the tendons in times of activity, maintaining tendon health & flexibility. So try to stretch each morning. Try some simple Yoga or Tai Chi. If you don’t want to go to a class there are some great apps and classes online that are fantastic & often free. There is no excuse not to stretch.
  • EMOTIONS – Anger, stress and frustration can be experienced during this time of the year.  Take time to acknowledge how you are feeling. Allow yourself time to process and spend time connecting with where your emotions are coming from. If you need additional support to work through this, please come and see me or a practitioner who can help you to connect and process your feelings. You do not want to be holding onto these for long periods of time. Trapped emotions in the body cause blockages, illness and can lead to disease. 
  • GET OUTSIDE – If you have been feeling irritable, find an outdoor activity to smooth out that Liver Qi Stagnation. Outside air helps Liver Qi flow. Go for a walk, do some gardening, get outside – move and breathe.

Spring is an amazing time of renewal and growth, take time to watch what is happening around you as the first leaves and flowers start to sprout and bloom. Listen to the beautiful sounds of the birds and take time to feel the warmth as it enters you body, mind and soul. 


Kim  x

Give yourself permission to STOP this Winter..... Your body will thank you for it.

Have you ever thought about living your life in balance with the seasons?

What does that actually mean?

Well, in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) we are encouraged to live in harmony with the seasons. Each season has many different associations which help us adapt our own habits so we can in turn can create more balance in our bodies and our lives. In ancient times when there was no access to pharmaceuticals, doctors and drugs, people learnt to take care of their bodies in order to be able to stay healthy throughout the year and keep their immune system & organs strong so they could naturally ward off illness & disease. 

So what do we do in Winter you may ask? Well, winter represents the most Yin aspect in Chinese Medicine. Yin is dark, slow, contracting, cold and an inward energy pattern. By adapting our diets and exercise regimes during this time we can enrich our life and actually build more energy. 

In TCM the organ associated with Winter is the Kidneys which holds the body's most basic fundamental energy. Some refer to it as a bank account. Once it is depleted it can be very difficult to build back up. One of the strongest emotions that is connected to the kidneys is "Fear". You may think that you are not holding onto fear, but a very good question to ask yourself around this is "What happens when I feel like I am not in control or my life feels out of control? There also may be feelings of anxiety or overthinking associated to this. You will always find there is some sort of underlying fear associated with these feeling which are stored in the Kidney's. These may be emotions that have been stuck in the body for years. They may be emotions that you feel are such a normal part of life for you that you think this is the way life is meant to be. This emotion weakens the Kidney's and in Western medicine this strongly corresponds with the aspects of adrenal function and fatigue. 

Some people love winter. They feel alert, love going for walks in the crisp air while for others winter can cause them to retreat, stay inside and even feel sad or depressed at times. Which can be due to lack of light and activity.

While winter is a time for your body to rest and rejuvenate, trying to move for 20 minutes in a warmer part of the day will help to boost circulation, warm your extremities, raise your core body temperate, support your digestion, immune & lymphatic systems, as well as releasing endorphins to raise your mood. 

Slowing down and taking time to look inward during Winter is extremely important. Reflecting on your lifestyle and being with yourself. Practicing meditation, deep breathing, writing & yoga. All these help us to connect with our inner self and strengthen our kidney energy, which in Traditional Chinese Medicine relates to willpower. 

The body parts that are associated with the Kidneys are our bones. So strength training can also be good during this time, as long as is is not being done to the point of exhaustion and depletion. Intense exercise in Winter is not good for the body and can deplete your internal energy stores very quickly. 

From a nutritional point of view, stews, bone broths, slow cooked foods, pumpkin, sweet potato, carrots and healthy soups are best for your body during this time. Some other foods that specifically nourish and warm the Kidneys are black beans, lamb, chicken, walnuts, chestnuts, sesame seeds and dark leafy green vegetables. A small amount of salt is also helpful as this is the taste associated with the Kidney organ but not too much. 

Winter can be an amazing time of growth simply by giving ourselves permission to slow down and take time to go within ourselves. Paying attention to what is best for our bodies and minds throughout the seasons can have a huge impact on the quality of our health and our lives, and bring us into the next season more balanced.  

Happy Winter!

How much does a memory cost?

How much does a memory cost?

What would you pay just to have one more hour with a person you love who is no longer here?

As I am woken in the early hours of the morning with messages coming through strongly to write, I am reminded of the value of time.

The last week has brought me to places where I have been able to connect with my beautiful daughter (once again) and be reminded on the incredible 10 years we shared together. While this brings me joy and a sense of peace for the beautiful memories and experiences we shared, there is also deep painful regret, and while it is my mindset to focus on the positive, these regrets will always haunt me, because I cannot change the past. None of us can.

These regrets come in the form of the times I was too busy “doing” to “be”. The times when I thought it was more important to get things done and have things organised before I could allow myself to sit, relax and create memories that would last forever. Because I thought I had endless time. And even though we all know this is not true, we often seem to think that this is the case. We get caught in the cycle of doing, of living up to other people’s and often our own expectations and we lose touch with what is most important in life.

When I lost Ella suddenly & unexpectedly 4 years ago my life was turned upside down. I would pray each night to hold her in my arms, for her to crawl into bed with me in the middle of the night and to just be able to sit with her, not doing anything, just hugging each other and being together just for one extra minute to feel the love we shared together. I was praying for time (I still do). That precious gift that we have all been given yet often take for granted and use so frivolously. Oh, what I would do to get that back.

Yet this is what happens, we get stuck in the treadmill of life, thinking we have endless time, focusing on things that often don’t bring us the internal joy that we are searching for. Striving and doing, living from outside to in, instead of inside to out.  

There is no greater gift you can give to anyone other than your time. When you give someone your time, you are giving them part of you that you can give no other person. It is a portion of your life that you can never take back, yet it is a portion of your life that you can share. That you can create amazing memories from. Big and small.

Today, take a moment to think about just one person who you would like to spend time with. Maybe a person you haven’t seen for a while, maybe someone living in your own home, maybe your own child or partner, maybe someone you know who might not have as much time left on this planet as you think you have. And when you create this time, be present with that person, allow yourself to “Be” in the moment with them, take a step back and give yourself the space to really listen and feel. You may be surprised about how much meaning and joy this brings to your life.

For me I am forever grateful for the time I had with Ella and the memories I created, and they are the moments I treasure, but what I would give to have just a moment in time back together.

Slow down. Today you are given the gift of time. Use it wisely. Use it meaningfully. Because before you know it today will be gone and tomorrow will begin, for some……..


Following your heart and being true to yourself is not always easy. Not everyone will understand. That little voice of self doubt will try over & over again to creep in & sabotage you, sometimes on a daily basis. This I know is true!

However when you raise your own vibrational energy and are fully aligned with your truth & can take a step back from the opinions of those around you, nothing else matters.

When you start to take responsibility for yourself & allow others to do the same the energy around you shifts. There is no longer a need to blame others, as you are no longer a victim.

People around you may start to change & you might start to wonder why? You haven’t done anything to make them change - however YOUR own energy has changed. The energy that you were putting out into the universe now has a different vibration - a higher vibration & what you are receiving back is a higher vibrational energy from those around you. 

You will find that once your energy is higher people around you may want to be on that same frequency level and they may start to take a look at how they want their own lives to feel.

Have you ever wondered why you are attacting the things into your life that you don't necessarily want? Or just wished the people around you would change in some way? It is important that we always bring it back to ourselves. We can not change anyone else nor do we have a right to expect others to change, but we can change ourself & when we focus our energy on this things around us start to change. 

However not everyone will change & for those who decide to stay at a lower frequency these may be the people who you may find it difficult to spend as much time with as before or there may even be people that you realise you no longer need in your life or it is not in your best interest to give them as much space in your life anymore.  This can be confronting, however staying true to yourself can sometimes mean elimiating external factors that may actually be sabotaging your own happiness and holding you back.

Maintaining this high vibrational level is something you need to be conscious of to enable you to be able to navigate through life more purposefully, authentically, and safely. Be very mindful of your thoughts and what you are focusing on.

As your vibrational energy increases, new opportunities may arise. You may start to see the external world very differently than before. It is important to give yourself time and space to sit with what is happening for you. Take time out to connect & journal about what you are feeling and experiencing. 

Life may start to feel as if it is slowing down from the inside, as any inner turmoil settles and a feeling of balance & deep contentment arises within you.

The choices you now make on a day to day basis are in alignment with your truth, not because it’s what you think you should do but because you have a knowing & FEEL what is right for you. You connect to yourself, your intuition & you follow it through to create the best possible life that fits perfectly for you. 

Sometimes it is the simple things in life that make the biggest changes. 





Spend time in nature

Cut any energy cords that are draining you (this may be with people)

Ground your energy through meditation and relaxation & get into a regular routine

Refuse to be the victim

Removing emotional blockages through Energy Healing

Holistic Kinesiology

Remove yourself from drama and chaos

Be selective regarding whom you invite into your space


If only they would change, then my life would be so much better! 

How many times have we thought this? If only my partner would stop making me feel bad about myself. If only my kids would stop thinking I am their slave. If only my boss treated me differently. If only.....

We guess what? If only we took responsibility for ourselves then maybe our lives would flow a little more smoothly. How did this happen? How did we become a society where we think it is other people's responsibility for how we feel?

No-one in this world can make us feel anything. No-one has that power over us unless we give it to them. Our feelings are exactly that - "our feelings". Taking responsibility for them can change our lifes, giving us our own power back. Creating feelings of empowerment and confidence deep within us. 


Being in charge of your feelings & emotions instead of putting that responsibility onto others is liberating. 

Think of an example in your life where you have been hurt or offended by someone elses actions, reaction or response.

A lot of times when we are playing the "blame game" we start to feel resentment towards other people which in turn can create anger within our bodies if we hold onto it for too long. Holding onto anger then creates pain and illness. Not really worth it in the long run......

Think of a response you may have had in the past or may even be having right now, when someone does or has done something that upsets or triggers an emotion in you.

Do you get defensive? Do you fight? Do you shut down? Do you run away? 

Do you start that negative thought process in your head about how selfish, horrible or mean that person is and stew over how they have made you feel? How dare they!!!

You may find yourself disconnecting from that person, and you may think this is a good way to protect yourself. However, when you do this you are not allowing yourself to connect with how you are really feeling and you have just given your power away to the other person to have control over you. Sometimes we think we are hurting the other person, but in all honesty all we are doing is hurting ourselves. Creating stress in our bodies and minds. 

As this is happening your energy is changing, it's vibration is lowering and you are starting to attract everything around you at a lower vibration, including the response or reaction you may receive. 

So how can you start to change this pattern of behaviour? Which for many people has been a learnt behaviour they may have carried for most of their lives. 

  • It is all about making the decision that you want things to change. Acknowledging that for things to change around you, you have to be the one to change first. Waiting for other people to change in order for it to have a postive impact on your live is being irresponsible and powerless. Just think about how people respond to you when you are kind to them. They are giving you back the same vibrational energy that you have just given them. Keep your energy high & see what starts to come back to you. 
  • Set intentions each day to start to change your thought patterns. Eg:  “Today, I will work to own my feelings and take responsibility for my emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being,” day after day your mind will start to believe it. Write it down & put it somewhere you can see it.
  • Be mindful - when you feel yourself having the same thoughts or reactions that you are trying to change (as this is probably a habitual behaviour that you have developed) be aware of what is happening in your body and what you are feeling. Using mindfulness allows us to step back a little and not attach to these thoughts. Then we have more freedom to choose how to respond rather than reacting from habit.
  • Know that it takes time & practice to break habits, but it is well worth the outcome of persisting.
  • Believe in yourself and make a committment to change. It can be done if you really want to change your life and create better relationships. 

How can Kinesiology/Mind Body Medicine Help?

The body has a unique way of holding on through our subconscious beliefs & cellular memories. Clearing self-limiting beliefs, sabotage & survival programs that undermine your healing or success in reaching your goals.  Being able to identify those subconscious beliefs and release them, change your thought processes, and replace the negative beliefs with positive beliefs is the key to long term changing in behavioural patterns. Clearing any negative energies from the body and ensuring your energy centres are clear & aligned in a great starting point to long term change. 

Please call Kim on 0402108746 to book your session & start your journey to long term happiness and empowerment. 

Clinic Location: Ashtonfield, NSW

Is it possible to achieve Life Balance in this Fast Paced World??? NEW Program coming...

It seems to be a life long dream for so many to achieve “Life Balance”. To some this seems so far away from their current lifestyles that it gets put in the “too hard” basket, as continuing on the exhausting treadmill of life seems to be easier in the present moment. And in the short term it just might be – especially in our minds? But what happens if we keep travelling at this pace. If we keep sticking our head in the sand. Telling ourselves that in another 5 years time, we will make those changes. That if we can just get through the next 10 years we’ll be home & hosed. Really! – is this the reality of it, or is this just another way to tell ourselves that we are not willing to step out of our comfort zone in order to change.

Change is a scary word for some, and may seem too huge of an idea to even grasp. Yet one thing we need to remember is that starting with even the smallest change in one area of our lives can make a huge difference in so many other areas. It does not need to be daunting & overwhelming and sometimes this is what turns people off even trying, as the bigger picture can seem way too hard.

There is nothing in our lives that is worth diminishing our health over. Nothing that is worth putting ourselves through extreme stress, anxiety, exhaustion and personal internal chaos, yet we continue to allow this to happen. We continue to push ourselves harder, faster, creating lists that must get done, ticking boxes, putting high expectations on ourselves and those around us to do better and be stronger. WHY? Why is it that we seem to have so much to prove to ourselves and those around us? Why is it that we always seem to be trying to make others happy, to live up to other people’s expectations, to people please.

Because it makes us feel good about ourselves……

What if it was possible to feel good about yourself without having to feel like you needed to do all this?

Ask yourself – what that would be like?

I heard someone ask someone once “Do you have the disease to please”? I thought at the time, wow that is so true, the disease to please that controls so many. Possibly more damaging to our lives than other physical diseases we worry about.

How much more energy and time do you think you would have to put into the things that you really want to do and accomplish in your life, if you weren't trying to please others and were able to make decisions and act on them based on your own values?

Of course we all have responsibilities and things that need to be done, but life does not need to always be as chaotic as it seems. There is always something you can change and there is always something you can do. Of course this isn’t always easy, but unless something shakes us up a little, we tend to stay in our comfort zone and not look outside of the box. We can easily fail to recognise even the most practical options that are available to us to bring calm and balance back into our lives.

We each have a choice about how we invest (or waste) the time that is given to us. When we start to value that time and take responsibility for what it is we want and need to do and align it with our values – then we start to see our lives changing to be more in alignment with our core self.

Life Balance means so many different things to everyone. It may mean spending more time with your family or friends, having more time to dedicate to self-improvement or having more time to spend in nature and getting healthy. Whatever it is for you, is important and it should not be put on the back burner waiting for the day when “spare time” comes knocking on your door, because as we all know this will probably never happen. One of the key beliefs that we have created is that we think we have an endless amount of time – we don’t! None of us know how long we have, yet we continue in our cycles, wondering when our lives are going to change, yet not always doing a lot to create that change.

However one thing I do know is that if I get the chance in this life I am not going to be that person lying on my death bed saying – “I Wish” or “If Only”.

Sometimes the universe will deliver messages to us in the most challenging form to make us change our lives, to see what is really important, the truth, to try and literally change our paths, yet for some of us we are not listening, and we see this as an injustice and can fall into the trap of becoming a victim. Sometimes these messages are not so direct, not so challenging, not painful enough for us to make a change. If you are going through something in your life right now – no matter how big or small, try to understand that it is happening for a reason. Maybe a reason that you do not understand right at this moment, but try to trust that one day you will.

I have been dealt some pretty harsh and heatbreaking lessons in my life, some I still try to make sense of, but I know in my heart that each of these challenges changed the direction of my life, made me draw on strength I never knew existed, challenged me to not be a victim and rise above my own darkest days (which I still have at times).

It is often from our hardest times in life and our failures that we learn lasting lessons that completely transform our perspective towards life and life balance. During these times it is important that we know what our values are so we can draw on these to help get us back on track, make clear decisions that prioritise what is important to us in order to move forward and create balance.

Establishing our own values in life is essential. Once you establish these, you can start to use them to make decisions about where it is you want to be in life.

That is why I have developed a 3 week program called “Valued Vision” to help you to work towards this. This group program will commence in December 2017 and run once a week for 3 weeks, finishing before Christmas, ready for the New Year. Day and evening programs will be available. I will also be offering an extension of this program in January for those who wish to extend their journey. This program is being offered at 50% off until the end of November 2017 for only $99 (for the 3 weeks - fully inclusive), and will consist of a 60 minute face to face group workshops in my clinic in Aberglasslyn. Each workshop will be limited to 6 people. All resources, guidance and follow-up will be provided.

Now is the time to register your interest for the Valued Vision Program, by indicating what days/evenings and times would suit you best, so appropriate times can be allocated for each group. You may even like to get a group of friends together and have your own private group.

This will be an interactive group program. However the work you do will be your own, kept private and confidential and it will be your choice at all times what you choose to share with the group throughout the three weeks. Valued Vision is a judgement free program open to everyone who has an interest in spending time working on themselves, their values and their balance in life.

I am very excited to be able to guide you through this new program and look forward to working with you all as a group and individually, providing you with whatever support and guidance you are searching for.

Please contact me to register your interest on 0402108746 or email


Oh My Here they come..... Emotions! Just when you least expect it!

So powerful in vibration, they alter our state of being and even our physical appearance at times, our state of mind, our energy - both physically and spiritually. So why is it we don't always allow our feelings the space they need to be able to come to the surface, to process. Why is it we do not want to feel?

Are we scared of what others may think? Frightened the people around us will see us for who we really are and how we really feel? Or do we just feel totally lost and bewildered at what to do with these emotions when they arise, so we stuff them back down into our bodies, hoping they will just go away. 

Well guess what? I am sorry to tell you this - they don't go away. No matter how long you choose to store them for, one day they will come out and it may not be in the way you expect. 

Today I had an experience that stopped me in my tracks. 

I went to the supermarket (one of my least favourite places on earth), but there are certain things you can't get from the farmers markets. My vibration was high, my mind felt elated, I sang to the "pop song" playing throughout the supermarket (no idea what it was now), with not a care in the world about who heard or saw me. I felt grateful for my life and happy to be given the chance to live it.

I took my groceries back to the car and remembered that I wanted to get a card for someone. As I searched and read all the cards, a wave of emotions rushed through my body. I was looking for a card to let someone know I was thinking of them in their time of loss, grief and despair. Someone I had never met. Yet someone who I knew was experiencing the devasting agony of loosing a child unexpectedly, just like me. My heart was aching and my body was sensing the feeling of wanted to escape this situation. I didn't want to be doing this. My cellular memories where being triggered in every direction and it hurt - really hurt. I just honestly wanted to run. The thought that another beautiful family and mum had to try to find acceptance that their life had to be lived out without their daughter dug deep like a knife into my heart.

Yet here I was on the other side. Trying to find something that may just provide a glimpse of hope, and I thought about all the people who had done this for me just 3 years ago when I lost my daughter and how hard it must have been. Trying to find the right words, the right card, not knowing what to do or what to say. Knowing that they couldn't take the pain away of loosing a child and I was overwhelmed. 

I didn't want a sympathy card - it just didn't feel right and it took me what seemed like forever to find what I was searching for. I left the shop feeling very emotional. Knowing that I had been triggered and that I had two choices. I could get in my car, shut the emotions down & continue on with my day or I could give myself the space i needed to "feel", really feel, and allow these emotions to come to the surface, not resist, let them out and give them the time and space they needed to release. So that is what I did.....

I allowed myself to feel, to acknowledge how I was feeling and get it out of my body & at the time it was hard & it hurt, but afterwards guess what - I was OK! I had allowed my feelings and emotions to be just what they were. Yes maybe I did keep them in for a few minutes in order not to break down in the middle of the newsagents, but as soon as I was in a safe place I gave myself permission to feel and I came out the other side with a sense of relief & lightness. Being able to breathe and not feeling like something was stuck inside of me.  

It made me realise once again just how our emotions and feelings can change so quickly, sometimes within a matter of minutes and how important it is to acknowledge them whatever they are and however quicky they change.

Emotions are powerful. They are there for a reason. Our bodies are tyring to tell us something that we need to respond to. If we choose to ignore these feelings we create blockages and in the long term we can also create illness. 

When emotions arise within you tune into what is happening in your body. Connect to where you are feeling them and give them time to process and release.

Life can flow so much easier when we connect to our feelings and let them be whatever it is they need to be. 

With Love

Kim x


We live in a world that is deprived of touch. Such a simple act, yet so often overlooked. After spending the last 3 days on my second Lomi Lomi Heartworks massage course I was reminded yet again of the emmence power we hold in our hands. When touch is given from the heart it can change someones life. With so much pain and suffering around us and so much disconnection, we only have to look around to see that people are "crying out" for someone to connect with. In a simple, loving, understanding way. 

Touch is the first of the senses to develop in the human infant, and it remains perhaps the most emotionally central throughout our lives. Gentle touch plays a profound role in the development of a child and as an adult it is essential for us to thrive and feel loved.

What we are seeing at the moment is that non-sexual human touch is in danger of becoming rare, if not obsolete. It is vital to preserve human touch in order for us to truly flourish personally and as as society and continue to give love to those around us and out into the world.

Humans become nearly unrecognizable in the absence of touch. Two hundred years ago, a French scientists spotted a creature resembling a human running through the forests. Once captured, they determined he was around 11 years old and had run wild in the forests for much of his childhood. Originally the child, "Victor," was determined to be an idiot; French physicians and psychiatrists eventually concluded he had been deprived of human physical touch, which had retarded his social and developmental capacities.

This is powerful, and a power that we all hold in our hands. A power that costs nothing. A power that we have total control over. Have a think about the relationships in your life or the relationships around you. You may see couples or friends who seem to be truely connected in everyway. Take notice of how they communicate with each other. How they touch each other, physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. Although physical touch is essential so is energetic touch. You may have experienced different situations in your life where people have "touched your life" or made an "imprint on your heart". This may not have been through physical touch but through the energy that they give to you. The connection in their eyes and souls. The time they have for you to listen, hear and be present with you. This is all touch. 

Our lives have become too fast and too busy and we seem to have lost the ability to focus on what is really important in this world. Sometimes our hearts have become surrounded by barriers and walls in an attempt to protect ourselves, usually related to past experiences or memories. By putting up these walls, all we are doing is hurting ourselves more because we don't allow love in and we don't allow love out. There is no flow, and quite often this is where we get stuck! This is where our live seems to come to a holt. We are fighting against the flow of life by not allowing allowing ourselves to feel. Really Feel. 

Heartworks Lomi Lomi massage is a beautiful form of massage that provides you with an experience of heartfelt love, taking you to a deep, quiet place inside yourself. Your breath slows, your mind is free and relaxed. Your energy starts to shift and your body starts to cleanse, helping to clear blockages and emotions. It creates a feeling of being loved, nurtured and cared for and is given from the heart with love, creating positive healing energy. It has the power to create a sacred experience for the giver and receiver with the potential for reconnecting with self. 

I have personally used Heartworks Lomi Lomi as part of my healing journey over the past 3 years (as have my family) and have had the most profound shifts in energy. It has helped me to release physical, emotional and mental pain that had been stored in my body over my lifetime. It has touched my soul on such a profound level that I was guided to learn the beautiful tradition to be able to share with you all. 

Bookings are now open for Heartworks Lomi Lomi Massage at E K Kinesology & Mind Body Medicine and can be booked by phoning or messaging me on 0402108746.

With Love

Kim x


You would be very suprised how much of your life can be impacted when your Chakras are out of balance, particularly your Heart Chakra (Anahata Chakra).

So how would you know if you Heart Chakra is out of balance? 

Well the heart Chakra is all about how we give and receive love & within the 7 Chakra system it sits in the middle. It is the pivot point of the Chakra system and when it is out of balance all ohter chakras may be effected.

Physically it has a great influence on the heart itself, the thymus and the lungs. When it is out of balance everything can become effected. When love for ourselves, others and life in general becomes shut down everything around us starts to look dull. You may feel yourself becoming heartless, self-attacking and judgemental.

Sometimes an unbalanced Heart Chakra can express itself as self-sacrifice or martydom and when this happens you may feel yourself doing anything to receive praise from others or to be seen in a positive light. However, the energy that drives this is not unconditional love. It is more to do with a lack of self-love, meaning that you may be seeking love in the form of others telling you how wonderful you are. This kind of expression can be dangerous as it only leads to depletion and eventually collapse. 

The key to a balanced heart Chakra is to understand that in order to be loved you must first love and accept yourself. 

Clearing blockages from the Heart Chakra and re-aligning all your Chakras is something that is checked at the beginning of each balance. If more intense work is needed to be done on individual Chakras this can then be looked at on a deeper level. 

If you feel that your Heart Chakra is in need of being balanced & you would like to clear any blockages & have your Chakra system re-aligned please contact me on 0402108746. 


You may be asking yourself this question? With the increase in mind body awareness and people being drawn more towards alternative medicine there has also been an increase in the number of "Retreats" that are being offered these days.

So how do you know what to look for in a Retreat? 

For me, a strong believer in the benefits of Retreats (having attended 5 Retreats in the past 3 years), and a Retreat facilitator the first thing is to trust your instincts and feel if you are being drawn to a particular Retreat. Does it feel right? You don't even need to know why? Get out of your head and trust your gut instinct.

If you are looking at changing your life, it's probably best not to focus too much on the luxuries that are offered - like massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, cocktails by the pool etc. While all this is lovely, this is what you go on holidays for. These are distractions and sometimes stimulants that you may use to try & make yourself feel (or not feel) better for short periods of time and do not address what is really going on for you deep within. If you think back to how you feel while your on holidays & how you feel when you get back home, this is not the scenario you want to recreate after attending a Retreat, because within a few months time you will be searching again. You need to find a good balance of healing, deep inner work, space, nurturing & guidance from experienced facilitators, with the opportunity to be still & relax and maybe a little touch of pampering (if that's your thing), but don't make this the focus. Think about how long you feel great after you go to the beauticians or the hairdressers - you want your Retreat experience to have a lasting impact on your life. It's not likely to be something you are going to do again in 4 weeks time. 

Look at what is being offered and what the facilitators specalise in. If it is a Retreat run by Yoga teachers obviously the focus will be on Yoga, if the Retreat is being offered by Nutritionists or Dieticians the focus may be around food, nutrition or cleansing, if the Retreat is being offered by Mind Body practitioners then the focus will probably be more around what it is that is being stored in your body & how to release this in order to move forward. Feel what is right for you & what it is you need at this time. 

Some of  the most important reasons to attend a Retreat for me have been:

  • To acknowledge & accept my own pain, release what is being held in my body - physically & emotionally and move forward.

  • To process & release deep trauma, grief and anger. 

  • To take time out for me. Putting myself first and making myself a priority in my life. As I know that when my energy changes it impacts everyone & everything around me. The old saying "If you want things to change you have to change" is so true. 

  • To allow myself the time & space to feel the things pushed down into my body, that I did not always want to feel.

  • To face my fears. I know that change occurs on the other side of fear, so I try to push myself through this in order to come out the other side, a more resiliant, balanced person. 

  • To release blockages & limiting beliefs that may be holding me back from reaching my full potential.

  • To allow myself to feel vulnerable and to feel & acknowledge the power within that.

  • To let go of all that no longer serves me. 

  • To create achieveable goals & create a life I enjoy living, with passion & purpose.

The right Retreat will change your life forever. It will take you to places you have never been. It will make you laugh and make you cry. You will make amazing new friends and feel emotions you never thought possible. It will shift so much energy within you, that your life will never be the same. It will open your eyes to the possibilities and opportunities that are before you and you will walk away so much lighter, with you eyes, your heart & your soul wide open ready to receive what the world has to offer.

All this is the reason that Reconnection Retreats for Women was created. My passion to give back to as many women as I can what I have been blessed enough to receive through my own journey has been the passion and motivation behind Reconnection Retreats.

Twice a year in March & Septemebr Tracey Gillis-Sinclair and myself take 10 Women on an amazing journey within over 4 days to find themselves and come out the other side to create a life of purpose and passion.

I can not put into words what this expereince is like, and the only way to describe it is to experience it yourself. Sometimes feelings can only be felt. 

If you would like any further information on Reconnection Retreat located in the Hunter Valley, NSW please conact me: or visit


The truth that many people never understand, until it is too late, is that the more you try to avoid suffering the more you suffer because smaller and more insignificant things begin to torture you in proportion to your fear of being hurt. (Thomas Merton).

What is fear?

There is fear which is a natural instinct related to true danger (like being chased by a tiger) and then there is fear that can start to control your everyday life. You may think to yourself, well I don’t live in fear but when we stop to feel into that & give it the space it needs to be recognised it may just surprise you.

 When we live in fear on a daily basis in can affect the way we see & do everything. Some of the things we may fear could be:

 ·        Living in fear of something happening to those we love.

·        Fear of losing our loved ones.

·        Fear of death itself.

·        Fear of not living up to other people’s expectations.

·        Fear of our marriage or relationships failing.

·        Fear of being vulnerable & letting others see the “real you”.

·        Fear of things not being perfect in our own eyes or in the eyes of others.

There are so many different ways fear can present itself. Here is the key to recognising what you may be holding onto fear around.

Ask yourself what it is you are trying to control or what it is you are withdrawing from?

You see, the only reason we need to control what is happening around us is when we are coming from a place of fear. If we don't try to control what is happening in order to try and make ourselves feel safe, we often withdraw in an attempt not to feel the fear. The problem with this is that it creates an imbalance in our bodies and can lead to anxiety, overthinking and even paranoia. 

When we talk about fear and the 5 elements we look at the water element. When there is an imbalance in the water element related to fear it can effect the kidney and bladder meridians (energy lines).

This water imbalance means that you can never truly relax and be at rest because you are always trying to think your way to safety. You are forever alert & vigilant from the inside. This constant vigilance is what produces anxiety & overthinking.

The greater the sense of fear the more we drive ourselves in order to create the environment we want. Often keeping ourselves very busy in order to distract ourselves from our fear.

When there are imbalances or blockages in these meridians it can also show itself physically in the form of dry hair and hair loss, fragile bones, dry tongue & mouth, hearing problems, bladder problems, cold feet, imbalances in body temperature, discomfort in the lumbar region and small joints. Women can sometimes experience menstrual problems and miscarriages. Men can experience infertility and sexual problems. 

The lesson that needs to be learnt when we are working with fear is that we can only feel safe when we trust our innate wisdom. It is the only thing that provides a true sense of danger and safety. This wisdom also allows us to flow with life instead of against it. When we flow with life we tend to adopt a middle way, not reaching out impatiently for what we desire but instead working step by step in the right direction. Each moment in life can then we treasured instead of being seen as just a moment in life on the way to a particular goal or outcome.

If you feel that you can relate to this or you are experiencing any of these symptoms, would like to be able to connect with your innate wisdom, work on clearing blockages in these meridians and your body, please contact me. Fear does not need to control your life.  

Kim Cameron - Holistic Kinesiologist & Mind Body Medicine Practitioner

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