About Kim

Kim is a mother of three and has always had a fascination with Kinesiology & Mind Body Medicine. After seeing amazing results for her son who suffered from debilitating anxiety, which expressed itself as physical symptoms (headaches, digestive problems, dizziness & fainting), she followed her instincts after Western Medicine could not give her the answers she was searching for and sought out guidance and assistance through Kinesiology & Mind Body Medicine. Passionate to learn more and be able to help others Kim went on to study Kinesiology & Mind Body Medicine at the College of Complimentary Medicine in Sydney. Kim continues to study the connection between the mind and the body and is committed to learning and sharing her knowledge with others. 

Holistic Kinesiology has also helped Kim to get through the most challenging time of her life when she lost her 10 year old daughter suddenly and unexpectedly 4 years ago. Working through her grief and finding acceptance for the things she had no control over and could not change, has brought Kim to where she is today. 

Kim works with adults & children who are experiencing physical, mental, psychological and spiritual imbalance. This can present itself in many different ways from physical ailments and stress in the body, emotional imbalance, feelings of anxiety, depression and disconnection from self or just not knowing what direction you are heading in life - feeling lost. Kim specialises in assisting in relieving symptoms of stress, anxiety and fatigue by looking at the body as a whole, releasing stress from within and allowing the body the space it needs to heal. 

Kim believes that  finding connection to your true self is a gift that can be achieved by everyone, and by allowing ourselves the time to feel, we start to connect with the power and wisdom we all have inside of us to heal. Also a strong believer in the healing power of touch, Kim also offers Hawaiin Lomi Lomi & Kahuna Massage in her clinic - a truely unfortgettable experience for the giver and receiver. 

Kim is also the co-founder and facilitator of Re-connection Retreats for Women. A powerful yet nurturing 4 days healing retreat to guide you to re-connect with your true deep self within. This life changing Retreat runs twice a year in March and September and numbers are limited to 10 people each Retreat.  For more information on Re-connection Retreats please contact Kim.